Starting career talks

During the ECMM conference, a special session supported by the MOLSPIN COST Action will be reserved to highlight the research activities of young scientist of any nationality. Eligible candidates must have completed their PhD between 1/1/2013 and 1/1/2018, thus in principle be eligible for the ERC Starting Grants 2020 call (rules for extension according to ERC policy).

Applicants should have a research track record showing great promise (see page 21/22 of ERC-StG work programme) and submit an abstract on an original research they have conducted.

Candidates, applying to this special session should upload, in addition to the regular abstract, a CV (2 pages) + track record (2 pages) following this template which is similar to the ERC-StG application template.

A dedicated scientific committee of the ECMM will select the most promising candidates, who will receive a financial contribution to living expenses during ECMM and COST WG meeting.